A Research Study On Abstract- Vehicular Networks Essay

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Abstract— Vehicular networks or VANET announce as the communication networks of the future, where the mobility is the main idea. These networks should be able to interconnect vehicles. The optimal goal is that these networks will contribute to safer roads and more effective in the future by providing timely information to drivers and concerned authorities. They are therefore vulnerable to many types of attacks among them the black hole attack. In this attack, a malicious node disseminates spurious replies for any route discovery in order to monopolize all data communication and deteriorate network performance. Many studies have focused on detecting and isolating malicious nodes in VANET. In this paper, we present two mechanisms to detect this attack. The main goal is detecting as well as bypass cooperative black hole attack. Our approachs has been evaluated by the detailed simulation study with NS2 and the simulation results shows an improvement of protocol performance. .
Keywords— VANET; AODV; Black Hole;Ad Hoc; NS2
Ad hoc networks consist of a set of self-organized of mobile nodes which cooperate using a routing protocol to facilitate the communication. They have become very popular in recent years due to their characteristics: easy deployment, lack of infrastructure, dynamic topology, mobility and minimum commissioning costs.

A VANET network is a subset of ad hoc networks where each mobile node is an intelligent vehicle equipped with communication
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