A Research Study On Aids

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Every single news center has been focusing on the tremendous increase of Ebola cases lately. The thought of the disease itself instills fear in healthy citizens and produces panic in populated areas. Even though Ebola appears to be a relatively new disease to the world- making its first showcase around the 1970 's- its propaganda has overlooked other diseases. AIDS, a disease that was first documented in the 1980 's, has been a very prominent disease throughout the world. The relationship between both of these diseases seems unlikely, but the similarities between both illnesses is astounding. The origination, causes, symptoms, and treatment are starkly similar between these two viruses, yet they are also very different. Although scientists do not know where AIDS originated, the majority of them agree that the origin of AIDS traces back to Africa. Scientists have been able to identify a type of chimpanzee in West Africa as the carrier and transmitter of the deadly virus. Since chimpanzees are closely related to homo sapiens, the genetic jump between both organisms was not a difficult task for the virus. It is believed that transmission between the chimpanzee and human was most likely due to the hunting of these chimpanzees for meat. Butchering the animal led to contamination of foods and susceptibility to the disease since the infected blood was difficult to contain. The first case of this terminal disease was linked back to a man from Kinshasa, Democratic…

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