A Research Study On Alcohol Abuse

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In the proposed study, analyzes of several potential distal and proximal determinants of 8th and 10th graders’ alcohol abuse would be conducted using a nationally representative sample from the Monitoring the Future study to understand its pathways. It is expected that Bandura’s concept of “reciprocal determinism” related to Social Learning Theory (1978) and Life Course Theory (Elder, 1998) as developmental theory will help explain that victimization (a risk factor) as a direct or indirect predictor of adolescents’ alcohol abuse, as well as interpersonal relationship with family and peers as a protective factor, which can moderate the predictive effect of victimization on self-perception, perception towards alcohol, and alcohol abuse. In the proposed path analysis, all statements related to each path are based on some evidence in the literature. As a result, it is expected to the proposed path analysis will help evaluate victimization as the direct and indirect predictor of interpersonal relationship, self-perception, and perception towards alcohol, and alcohol abuse among adolescents in the United States. On the other hand, it is expected that interpersonal relationship of adolescents will moderate the effect of victimization. Additionally, it is also expected that self-perception as moderated by interpersonal relationships, or influenced by victimization, will mediate the outcome measure, alcohol abuse. Similarly, perception towards alcohol influenced by victimization or
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