A Research Study On Alzheimer 's Disease

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Dementia is another term for memory loss and there are a couple types of dementia. This research paper is about Alzheimer 's Disease (AD) which is a specific type of dementia that is closely related to aging. AD accounts for 50 to 80 percent of dementia cases. AD usually affects people 65 and older, but it can start in rare cases around 40 to 50. 5.3 million people in America have been diagnosed with AD, and almost two thirds of the population that has been diagnosed are women (Alzheimer 's Association, 2015). Learning about AD can help people understand what really goes on when someone is suffering from it. It is very important to know the history, deblockedion, diagnosis, causes, treatment, and the people who are affected by AD. History is always an important part of learning about a disease. In 1906, Dr. Alois Alzheimer of Germany made one of the first discoveries of AD. When Dr.

Alzheimer was doing a brain autopsy on Auguste Deter who had memory and dementia problems, Dr. Alzheimer found a collection of brain cell abnormalities, thus naming the disease associated with these abnormalities: Alzheimer 's Disease (Bright Focus Foundation, 2015). Auguste Deter had been a patient of Dr. Alzheimer and was the first person diagnosed with AD. Deter had led a normal life up until her later years when she formed dementia. Deter’s husband could no longer take care of her and took her to the Institution for the Mentally Ill and for Epileptics where she met Dr. Alzheimer. Dr.…
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