A Research Study On Animal Research

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Imagine waking up one morning to find your husband or wife lying unconscious in bed spewing a pool of black bile from their mouth and onto the pillow gently supporting their head. Imagine having to call the paramedics to rush your loved one to the emergency room only to find out that your partner has been diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease. Imagine the frustration you feel when the doctor pulls you to the side of the waiting room to inform you that a vaccine has proven to be effective in treating this disease in lab rats. Would you accept the doctor’s suggestion and have your soul mate be treated with this vaccine not knowing whether or not it would work? Or knowing that the cure may have come from unwilling test animals? Or would you ultimately let nature run its course and let your spouse die? Over the years, animal research has led to the development of numerous vaccines and cures that are now used to save lives in several countries across the globe. Scientists and doctors alike acknowledge this and recognize how essential and beneficial animals are in biomedical research. However, before discussing the different views that are associated with conducting biomedical research experiments on animals, one must understand its history. It is a common misconception that animal research is a new scientific and medical practice, but it is actually an ancient procedure. Animal research began in ancient Greece, “… where Greek physician-scientists, such as Aristotle and
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