A Research Study On Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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Autistic spectrum disorder, also known as ASD can be defined as a group of complex developmental disorders characterized by impairment in verbal and nonverbal communication, behavioral challenges, impaired cognitive abilities, and impaired social interactions. Nurse practitioners providing primary health care to children should be familiar with ASD for early identification, evaluation, and management as this is significantly important to the well-being of children and their families. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness………….
The history of ASD dates back to the year 1908 when the word autism was first used to describe a subset of withdrawn schizophrenic patients. The word autism was then used again in 1943 when American child psychiatrist Leo Kanner, M.D., published a paper called “Autistic Disturbance of Affective Contact” describing eleven socially isolated children who displayed the same desire for sameness and aloneness describing their condition as early infantile autism (Autism Speaks, 2013). A year later German scientist named Hans Asperger reported on boys who were highly intelligent, but had obsessive interests and trouble with social interactions. He described these boys as having a milder form of autism, now known as Asperger’s syndrome. During the years 1950’s to 1960’s autism was classified as schizophrenia in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems and the term "refrigerator mothers” was used to describe…
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