A Research Study On Babson Students Essay

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Section Two: Primary Research Background Having extensively conducted our Secondary research from various reliable sources in section one, we felt a need to also obtain primary research. Because secondary research tends to be less accurate, due to it being based on other people’s studies and works. While primary research allows us to conclude more specific results tailored to our research needs. Our research is focused on Babson students, we needed to make sure that the research conducted in section one is in line with how Babson students feel towards Performance Feedback. Our rational for using Surveys as our primary research method is because of the of the statistical data that is collected, which allows us to evaluate which factors are most important. In addition to this it also permits us to ask specific questions needed for our research. For instance, we thought it was of importance to know Our objective was also to make a short comprehensive survey that would capture that data that we needed. If the survey was going to be too long, we believed that individuals would not complete the survey. Therefore, we decided to make sure that the survey would take 2-3 min to complete. Methodology or Data Collection Process In order to obtain our primary research data on "How to Deliver and Receive Performance Feedback for Team Members in Babson Project Teams”, we used Survey Monkey. Using Survey Monkey as a data collection process allowed us to obtain data fast and
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