A Research Study On Behavior Theory

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Introduction Behavior theory practitioners focus directly on observable behavior, current determinants of behavior, knowledgeable experiences that promote short and long-term changes, fashioning design treatment strategies to individual clients, rigorous assessment and evaluations. The two practitioners this paper shall primarily focus on the studies of B. F. Skinner and Albert Bandura. With the support from several other scientific studies of development of learning theories making, this study is made to be a little difficult with the so many diversified views sometimes overlapping. Corey, (2013). While, behavior theory practitioners focus regularly and straightforwardly recognizing behaviors, behavioral theory procedures are currently used in the several fields such as: disabilities, mental illness, education and special education, community psychology, health related behaviors, medicine and gerontology and more. Corey, (2013).
History of Theories According to Gleitman, Henry behavior, theories dates back to Ivan Petovich Pavlov this Russian scientist that related human learning and thinking with habituation, an organism learns to recognize an event as familiar, but it did not learn anything about relation between events and any other circumstances. According to Gleitman, Henry such learned relationships between events linked in space or time are often called associations. In the course, of Pavlov’s work a new fact and studies emerged in
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