A Research Study On Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer accounts for more than 20 percent of cancer in women, and is the primary cause of cancer death among women globally.1 Despite extensive scientific research on the disease, the outlook on a cure arguably remains poor. While some breast cancer survivors and women at high risk remain hopeful that soy intake will reduce the risk or even cure cancer, the recommendations are conflicting. For decades, the relationship between soy foods, supplements, phytoestrogen intake and cancer has prompted considerable debate for scientists and clinicians. Patients with breast cancer are frequently advised to avoid soy foods.2 And, the American Cancer Society recommends “breast cancer survivors consume only moderate amounts of soy foods as part of a healthy plant-based diet and to not intentionally ingest very high levels of soy products.” Despite this, soy’s potential anti-carcinogenic effects have contributed to a $4.5 billion dollar industry in soy sales in 2013, up from $1 billion just 17 years ago.3 The following paper offers a review of the most recent scientific literature available, on breast cancer and soy, via Google Scholar, ScienceDirect and PubMed databases.
Background on Phytoestrogens
Soy products contain a group of phytochemicals, known as phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens occur naturally as polycyclic phenols and are found in certain plants, that when ingested and metabolized have week estrogenic effects.4 Humans are exposed to phytoestrogens…

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