A Research Study On Bullies And Victims

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Abstract This research paper entails of three different studies of bullies and victims. The three researches are quantitative research, qualitative research and meta-analysis study. Quantitative research was conducted by Pister (2004) with seventh and eighth grades students. Pister (2004) try to find an understanding the process of bullying by speaking with the youth. Qualitative research was done by Haggas (2006). Haggas (2006) created Bully Prevention Challenge Course Curriculum (BPCCC) which was used with seventh grade students and teachers. This program was about trust between students and teachers through communications, cooperation, and problem solving skills in a supportive and adventurous environment. Van Geel, M., Vedder, P., & Tanilon, J. (2014) conducted study on whether or not overweight and obesity are targeted by bullies. The author uses meta-analysis, to see the outcomes of the studies.

Have you ever wonder what’s on the minds of bullies and what is there psychological issues going on with them? What psychological problems can bullies cause to the victim/victims? Who does bullies’ target and why? The issue of bullying may seem like something that should not be taken seriously. It is quite often taken as part of growing up, joking, and as not having lasting effects. Many times we brush it off as nothing serious and look the other way. If you place yourself in the shoes of the victim, the issue is in fact not a joke, but surreally
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