A Research Study On Business Research

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1. Introduction
Business research is considered as a truth seeking function that collects, analyses and reports information which enables decision makers to become more effective in their decision making (Alvesson and Deetz, 2000). Conducting primary research is inevitable as far as the aim of this research is concerned. However it is vital that the right kind of methodology be adopted which helps the researcher to achieve the research aim properly. In the selection of right methodology, this study seeks to identify the possible ways by which a research of this nature can be conducted and the reasons behind the selection of particular philosophy, methods, data collection, sampling and analysis techniques.
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This in fact enabled the researcher to select the philosophy which best suits to achieve the research aim. Saunders et al. (2000) state that two views pertaining to philosophy dominate the literature. They are positivism and phenomenology. They add that both of the philosophies are important as far as business and management research is concerned. It can be found that Saunders et al. (2009) divided the research philosophy into different clusters. They are positivism, interpretivism, pragmatism and realism.
1.2.1 Positivism
The positivistic approach is the traditional approach of the natural scientist. This approach is considered as independent and also objective where research is undertaken in a value freeway and only the observable phenomena provide credible data (Saunders et al. 2009). Therefore in positivistic research the influence of the researcher on research is kept at the minimum possible way and the instruments and methods used for this should be enabling the researcher in this regard. The methodological underpinning of survey research and experimental studies is positivism. Scientific rigour of doing research is thus one of the characteristics of positivistic research (Jupp, 2006). Easterby- Smith et al. (2012) state that positivist methods is usually based on the assumption that there is the presence of true
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