A Research Study On Business Research

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1. Introduction
Business research is considered as a truth seeking function that collects, analyses and reports information which enables decision makers to become more effective in their decision making (Alvesson and Deetz, 2000). Conducting primary research is inevitable as far as the aim of this research is concerned. However it is vital that the right kind of methodology be adopted which helps the researcher to achieve the research aim properly. In the selection of right methodology, this study seeks to identify the possible ways by which a research of this nature can be conducted and the reasons behind the selection of particular philosophy, methods, data collection, sampling and analysis techniques.
1.2 Research Philosophy
Research can be considered as part of the culture of human beings. The most prominent research therefore has been undertaken regarding society and therefore social research. This means that the philosophies and methodologies that are used in business and management research infact cannot be collected isolated from social research (Bryman and Bell, 2003). However when compared with social research, management research is quite new. Thus it is important that the various research philosophies be analysed to guide the process of conducting primary research. Saunders et al. (2000) state that the research philosophy adopted by a study is dependent on the way the researcher thinks about the development of knowledge. One…
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