A Research Study On Cancer Registry History

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Cancer Registry History A cancer registry is an information system that collects, maintains, storages, and analyses data on people with cancer. Cancer data is important to healthcare world. Physicians, researchers, legislators, medical students, epidemiologists, and public health planners rely on this data. Researchers need it to study possible causes of cancer and doctors need it to decide the best course of treatment for their patient. The major purposes are: • to establish and maintain a cancer incidence reporting system; • to be an informational resource for the investigation of cancer and its causes; and • to provide information to assist public health officials and agencies in the planning and evaluation of cancer prevention and cancer control programs. (SEER Training Modules, 2015) Behind this collection system is hardworking people called cancer registrars who are trained to collect accurate, complete, and timely data on cancer patients. Kennestone Cancer Data Center The Cancer Data Center collects and maintains cancer all cases of cancer data that was diagnosed and/or treated within the WellStar Health System since their reference date of January 1. 2000. They aid the WellStar cancer program by providing vital services that include: • abstracting data from cancer cases • performing lifetime patient follow up • and helping with the many cancer conferences at WellStar Kennestone and Cobb hospitals. In 2012, WellStar accessioned 3,306 newly diagnosed cancer cases in

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