A Research Study On Cancer Telephone Helplines

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Cancer telephone helplines have been in existence for nearly four decades and continue to gradually grow in popularity. Trained specialists are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions, provide information, and offer callers emotional support in order to help them cope with what they may be experiencing. These helplines are not only for cancer patients, but also for their caregivers, friends, family, or anyone with a general interest in learning about or discussing cancer with a specialist. The purpose of this literature review is to ascertain the types of information that has been examined in studies of cancer information telephone helplines. With the number of people affected by cancer steadily increasing, it is important that those who are affected by cancer either directly or indirectly have options to choose from when searching for information or discussing personal issues. The websites on the internet can only offer so much information to a person before they begin to seek out resources for information. Often times financial concerns may prevent them from seeking professional medical help in person. Studies that have been conducted on cancer telephone helplines have focused mainly on who is calling in, the reason behind helpline calls, the comparison of helplines to other sources of information, the positive aspects of helplines, and the negative aspects. Most of the research studies conducted on telephone cancer helplines reveals the same results, but…

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