A Research Study On Child Development

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The majority of research conducted in the fields of biology and ecology, as they relate to child development, has occurred in the years following the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (1994) conducted by the CDC in conjunction with several academic partners. This study established the standard of “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs) upon which subsequent studies have relied for measurement. ACEs include “psychological, physical, or sexual abuse; violence against mother; or living with household members who were substance abusers, mentally ill or suicidal, or ever imprisoned.” The incidence of these experiences, gathered from a sample of 18,000 respondents, was then compared to the incidence of certain measures of adult risk behaviors, diseases, and health conditions. The results of the study indicate that the frequency and diversity among ACEs correlate positively with several of the leading causes of death and disease. The scope of this study, particularly as it relates to mental health, is quite narrow. However, it remains significant, establishing a platform for future research concerning the impact of stress and trauma on human development. The 1994 study discovered a relationship between the experience of traumatic events as a child and poor physical/mental health as an adult. At the time the article was published, little to no research had been conducted concerning the effects of stress hormones on the developing mind. Despite this, the authors were able to
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