A Research Study On Cleveland Clinic

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Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921; the idea behind the clinic was to have physicians form a group and provide health services; each member of the group brings a specialty to the group which would be shared by the group. The idea to have shared facility was based on the fact that, no single individual is subject matter expert in every field and to provide an efficient and accurate health services, physicians need to have a group of medical experts who will not only provide services but will also share learning in field of academics and research. The idea was to foster an environment that will encourage physicians for innovation in medical field through academics and research. In terms of diversity of work force, the work force is highly diversified; doctors, surgeons and specialist around the world are employed at Cleveland clinic, this helps the hospital to cater to the needs of foreign patients usually celebrities. These celebrities patients brings in huge revenue with them, and the other fact about the hospital is that it’s a non-profit organization; means all the revenue from the hospitals activities is re-invested in research and to make hospital more effective . Cleveland clinic takes not federal grant and still manages to be a nonprofit organization. In current times Cleveland clinic not only provides services to local community, to national community, but also to international community. Patients all over the world come to Cleveland clinic for treatment. Cleveland
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