A Research Study On Collaborative Style

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The findings in this study can be very helpful for a pharmacist to manage conflicts with the patients. Since the study concludes that collaborative style is the most effective, I will implement this style and avoid getting into aggressive arguments with the patients. If there is a problem, I will allow the patients to present their views and then I will present my views. Thus, there will be an open dialogue between us. As I will patiently listen to the patient, the patients will perceive me as caring and patient. This will lead to the development of trust. As the patient will trust me, he/she will be more compliant with the medication therapy. Moreover, I will use the collaborative style in case of a conflict with a co-worker. Since we will come to a mutually satisfying solution by communicating, the patient will feel that his suggestion is valued. This, in turn, will lead to increased job satisfaction.
An article titled written by Hongemi Shen titled: “Organization-Employee Relationship Maintenance Strategies: A New Measuring Instrument” goes into depth about the different strategies one can utilize to sustain and maintain a relationship. The article defines relationship maintenance as “planned organizational behavioral attempts or efforts to keep a relationship in a satisfying condition and in repair...” (Shen). After this definition, the article states how there are two types of relationship maintenance strategies. The first type is called “symmetrical” and it relies
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