A Research Study On Communication And Language Development

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1. The search terms that I used were “parent implemented interventions.” I used the One Search database on the UNF website. I selected this article to analyze as opposed to other articles in the research results because it met the requirements for the assignment. The researchers whom conducted the study wrote this article. Many of the other articles listed in the results were research reviews of other studies. Also, many articles were written by authors who were not conducting the research discussed in the articles. The reference for this article is: Brown, J. A. & Woods, J. J. (2015). Effects of a triadic parent-implemented home-based communication intervention for toddlers. Journal of Early Intervention, 37, 44-68. doi: 10.1177/1053815115589350. 2. Authors Brown and Woods thoroughly explained their background for the research study. Most of the background research focused on communication and language development. Numerous parent-implemented interventions were mentioned such as the Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM), Hanen’s More Than Words (HMTW), KidTalk-TaCTICS Project (KTTP), and Enhanced Milieu Teaching (EMT). These intervention strategies were discussed by Brown and Woods in the article in order to support their claim that parent-implemented interventions can have a beneficial impact on their children’s language development and communication. Brown and Woods (2015) cited the work of Roberts and Kaiser (2011), which found that children with disabilities who had
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