A Research Study On Communication Engineering

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T As an Electronic Engineering graduate, I studied in China 's cradle of technological talents. Years of systematic learning, Electronic Engineering has conquered me entirely. Consequently, I submit this document for the acceptance of your Doctor of Philosophy program. Now, I am ready to gain the further and more professional studies. Since my high school, with my independent work, I have made achievements from wireless radio and 51 single-chip machine to buzzer, amplifiers and lights, which have triggered to challenge myself continuously. In order to find my clear social and academic position in the information era, I chose the No.1 Electronic university in China, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Although I did not step into the field of Electronic Engineering immediately, great passion about it has never fade away. Therefore, I have devoted more spare time to studying professional literature in the libraries and have established a habit of discussing with the most learned and inspiring teachers make me to have a better understanding about Communication Engineering. During my undergraduate study, I have conducted various researches about Communications, such as Design and Simplify Electronic Time Clock, Design Digital Display Circuit and Networked wireless meter reading system based on ZigBee technology. “Approaches to minimize network coding resource” is my graduation thesis topic. Based on the analysis of the existing approaches to minimize network
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