A Research Study On Data Collection

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The research topic has been selected, the testable research question is developed, research on the topic has been found, a literature review is completed, and a decision has been made on the research design. Now, one of the most important steps in the research process needs to be accomplished and that is the collection of data. Notwithstanding the research project and whether the method of research is whether qualitative or quantitative, data must be collected. Data collection is essential whether the method of choice is a mail survey, a telephone survey, an interview, an experiment, field research, or secondary data analysis. Data collection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results. During the data collection step, a significant amount of time, energy and attention is required. In order to ensure the data collection process is valid and successful, one should adhere to the four steps involved: (1) the construction of a data collection form which is used to organize all data that is collected; (2) the designation of the coding strategy used to represent data on a data collection form; (3) the collection of the actual data; and (4) entry into the data collection form (Salkind, 2012). Once the researcher knows what information to collect and where to find it, the first step in the data collection process is to organize the data on a constructed data collection form.
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