A Research Study On Data Collection Method

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Data Collection Method:
Because quantitative research is decided as the research strategy, data collection seems to be key factor. Survey is the traditional way to collect the data (Vogt, 2010). In order to collect the quantitative data, questionnaire is considered as one of the most effective ways to make the survey that is defined as a set of questions, the main function of which is to collect the relevant data or information from individuals (Mukherjee, 1995). Self-completion questionnaire is a type of the questionnaire, which offers a steady way for the respondents to answer the questions, as a result of which, the collected data will usually be correct and it will provide the enough data support to test the hypothesis of the research (Hill, Brierley & MacDougall, 2003). Thus, the self-completion type is determined as the major type of the questionnaire, which will be utilized in this research project. Because Chinese consumers’ behavior is required to be analyzed, the questionnaire will be put on the Internet platform and mainly relies on Chinese “Weibo” and “Wecat” both of which are the famous online communication platforms in China and can be seen as western “Facebook”. At the same time, it will be an easier and faster way to get Chinese respondents’ answers from these two platforms that is one reason why questionnaire is used and these platforms are depended. Another reason is that questionnaire can widen the numbers of the respondents through utilizing of the…
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