A Research Study On Data Mining

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Data mining is the process of discovering patterns, trends, correlations from large amounts of data stored electronically in repositories, using statistical methods, mathematical formulas, and pattern recognition technologies (Sharma n.d.). The main idea is to analyze data from different perspectives and discover useful trends, patterns and associations. As discussed in the previous chapter, the healthcare organizations are producing massive amounts of electronic medical records, which are impossible to process using traditional technologies (e.g., Microsoft excel). Therefore data mining is becoming very popular in this field as it can be used to identify the presence of chronic disease, detect the cause of the disease, analyze the effectiveness of treatment methods, predict different medical events, identify the side effects of the drugs, and so on. Kidney diseases such as CKD or AKI require immediate detection and medical attention based on the patient’s clinical condition, medical history, medication history and some demographical factors. From the literature survey, we discovered a good number of studies and tools that used data mining methods such as clustering, association, and classification to improve the decision-making ability of the healthcare providers regarding kidney disease. In the subsequence sections in this chapter, we present an overview of the data mining methods and discuss how they have been used in existing literature. 4.1. Overview of data mining
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