A Research Study On Eating Disorders Essay

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INTRODUCTION During the psychosocial development in adolescence, there are various health issues that may transpire. This essay will focus primarily on how eating disorders affect both genders, predominantly in Western societies. The term ‘eating disorder’ is a very comprehensive term, which is further broken down into categories. The content of this essay will cover three of these categories; including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Additionally discussed are the benefits of psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioural therapy and how these approaches may be used in relation to eating disorders in a therapeutic environment. COGNITIVE THEORY Eating disorders are a significant consequence of corporal and psychological indispositions in both female and male adolescents. This health issue can be precipitated by a cognitive disruption in their perception of their body image. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a particular type of treatment used by the individual 's therapist, to try and alter their continuous thought pattern and help to reduce the unhealthy actions and emotions that are a consequence of any type of eating disorder. It encompasses observing the connection between feelings, thoughts, and actions, and how these might contribute to the patient 's health issue. The therapist could use multiple initial approaches; the cognitive triad could be useful to determine and understand the negative opinions about oneself, their
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