A Research Study On Experimental Research

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Experimental research is sometimes done with risk of harming the subjects under study. In a research study, participants could be physically and emotionally harmed. As nurses, we are advocates for our patients. Therefore, our goal is to protect them from any harm and discomfort when they participate in experimental treatment. Many dilemmas arise when trying to determine the level where an experimental treatment becomes harmful. In the past, researchers conducted unethical experiments without the subjects’ informed consent. They conducted experiments on human subjects knowing the high potential for harm. Participants received harmful substances without their knowledge and did not receive treatment (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015). Researchers coerced, misinformed, and forced human subjects to participate in experimental research. Groves et al. (2015) reported few events from the past that displayed a breach of the participants’ privacy, confidentiality, and freedom. Rodriguez and Garcia (2013) also reported a study where American scientists infected a specific population in Guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea. American researchers conducted unethical experiments on human subjects without proper informed consent and clearly caused harm to mentally and socially vulnerable participants. The American researchers carefully selected a segment of the Guatemalan population based on poverty level and mental capacity. They did not inform the
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