A Research Study On Exposed Student Nurses With Inpatient And Outpatient Settings

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The purpose of clinical this week re-exposed student nurses to inpatient and outpatient settings. Rotating different units allowed a broader understanding of the processes involved for stabilization. Within the community, students got to interact with new members of the SOMI house as daily participants vary. Day one of clinical allowed students to independently form therapeutic relationships with members as Mrs. Cockrell did not hold a group to “break the ice”. I spoke with a gentleman, a long time consumer of the SOMI house, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder since he was 17. His first hospitalization happened his senior year in high school. Unable to complete college, he began to work for his father at the family flower nursery. He seemed very knowledgeable of his illness and the need for medications. He visually had anxiety related disagreeing with his sister that morning. I completed a Hamilton anxiety assessment, placing him at mild to moderate level of anxiety. He compulsively reflected on many occasions his anger towards his sister and thought “she just needed to be cut out of the picture.” He verbalized and demonstrated his full body relaxing coping skills taught to him while staying in the hospital. SOMI house provided him with a way to “escape from the group home for two days out of the week.” Patient’s fixation to once again live independently and possess a job. I used active listening and clarification effectively to elicit information about
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