A Research Study On Friendship Formation

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Friendship Formation We live in a society where it is expected of us to be social beings. The behaviors that take place in the process of creating interpersonal relations is quite substantial. In any new environment we put ourselves into we may go in not knowing anyone, but as time goes by certain factors play their role and lead us to new attractions. This topic that is part of general psychology is captivating because it describes all the factors that cause us to become attracted to others. Without certain psychological attributes we wouldn’t have the ability to make close friends or nonchalant acquaintances. There are many factors that play a part in the making of our interpersonal relations. In a broad spectrum those factors are proximity, affect and emotions, reinforcement, similarity, and self-disclosure (Psychology 7th ed.). Through Pearson’s Psychology textbook and the wide array of resources on the internet a variety of information was gathered about the afield, interpersonal relation, of general psychology. This topic stands out because it seems so natural throughout our lives to meet new people and interact with them. With some we may get along very well while with others we have no interest in being close with. In order to manifest a relation with someone there are various elements that attract us to them. Being in the same environment as someone who we share similarities with can be the start to a new relation. If we see someone often in the same place it is…
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