A Research Study On Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is all about changing genes, often at a nucleic base level, in order to overcome obstacles pertained to medicine for the treatment of disease. It is a relatively new method of therapeutics due to the technological reliance and the intricate level of understanding needed of the human genome, which has only recently been overcome. Few approaches are available today, and many more are currently under investigation as scientists invest in the practicality of therapies whilst considering ongoing ethical debates.

It was the works of Gregor Mendel that enabled us to form the basis of the scientific understanding that we have in genetics today. A monk under the Augustinian order, Mendel cared for the monastery gardens simultaneous to his studies in science at the University of Olomouc, of which these duties combined led to the basis of his renowned research. His chosen focus for study was on pea plants, after he noticed an unusual pattern of inheritance relating to the colour of their blossoming flowers. It was apparent that some flowers in resulting offspring were white, despite both parent plants producing purple flowers. A previous interpretation of inheritance was that an offspring’s trait was simply a blend of both parents, but after considering his observations to these unexpected findings, Mendel applied a mathematical formula to prove this otherwise.

From his work, Mendel established the law of dominance, defining the outcomes of dominant and recessive
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