A Research Study On Genetic Testing Essay

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The use of genetic information has drawn repeated attention from insurance companies in recent years. Especially the introduce of genetic testing in the industry, which can help set the level of cost of premiums for different groups of the population as well as assess the risk. Many parties have been involved in the debate on whether genetic information can be allowed to use by insurers when assessing those applications, such as government, insurance companies, health service providers. In the UK, an agreement was set up by the government and the insurance industry on the use of genetic test results for the insurance policies and genetic disorders is called the Concordat and Moratorium (ABI website), which ensures fair rights of access to insurance for customers and information for insurance companies. In this dissertation, we discuss the background of genetics and insurance starting with basic concepts of DNA, genes and chromosome in the first section as well as analysis of genetic testing. Then a brief introduction of genetics of cancer will be given as the basic patterns of cancer risk associated with mutations in these genes have been defined. The third section will review some major events involved in the UK’s legislations of development of the genetics and insurance. In the last section we will talk about the impact of genetics on insurance. Obviously, there is a conflict between the needs of insurers for symmetry information and the privacy of insured as information
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