A Research Study On Geriatric Nutrition

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Geriatric Nutrition Nutrients are substances that can be gain from food, and it is essential for human because it provides energy for body processes, for body tissues and for body regulations. Since foods are providing energy for body, an adequate of food intake is essential to maintain a healthy life style. Therefore, on November 12, 2015 client C,R, a 72 year old male had been observed for his nutritional intake to see if he is eating nutritionally balanced diet in order to regain health. In order to observe if client C,R is eating nutritionally balance, several assessment have been conducted. First, by observing client C,R medical history, diagnosis, medication, food pyramid, and meal intake. Second, conduct a physical assessment, gather antropometric data, and gather lab data. Last, is to have client feedback, and identify abnormal to develop a care plan to promote health. To begin with, client C,R was admitted to the hospital with medical diagnosis of intracranial hematoma, and other past medical history that is effecting his nutritional intake. Due to intracranial hematoma client C,R had become right side flaccid, had difficulty swallowing, and needed assistance to feed. These condition had significantly affect on his regular diet, because of difficulty in swallowing client tends to eat less. Not to mention other past medical histories such as diabetes mellitus type two, hyperlipidemia are also factors that are influencing his diet. Although medication such as…
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