A Research Study On Healthcare

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Research Questions

Healthcare is one of today’s most dynamic and continuously changing fields, with a range of prospects and challenges. Healthcare staff work in a diverse work environment, including hospitals and other facilities (ACHE, 2011). At the same time ethical challenges in patient care are becoming more complex and difficult. Because ethical behavior depends upon persons moral upbringing, past education, and on available options on patient care. The qualitative research is the best way to investigate or decide whether there is an impact on the quality of care received by the patients’ by provider’s ethical behavior.
This research survey will be guided by the following questions:
1. What primary ethical difficulties do the health care workers face in end-of-life care?
2. How does individuals diverse cultural and demographic background affect in the ethical decision making process in EOL care?
3. Are educational programs being offered to support and prepare the health care workers in EOL care at the start of their career?
4. Do living will or health power of attorney prepares relatives, and health care workers in EOL care?
5. What virtuous approach is required in order to improve health care facilities providing promising EOL care?

Perception of decisions on ethics related to EOL Care
The purpose of this survey is to obtain information from the health care workers on their perception on ethical decisions and overall satisfaction in EOL…
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