A Research Study On Healthcare Management Essay

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The science courses I learned about in high school are what introduced me to healthcare, but it was ultimately my undergraduate degree coupled with my experience working in a free health clinic that has solidified my decision to wholeheartedly pursue a career in healthcare management. As a GMU healthcare administration student, I have learned about the sociological, political, business, and medical components found in the healthcare system. Furthermore, by reading and learning about the positive and negative aspects that exist in the healthcare industry, I feel that my time volunteering at a hospital setting and working at a free health clinic is what has allowed me to observe, learn, prepare, and gain perspective on what healthcare is today and the potential of what it can be tomorrow. As an employee at a free health clinic my job is to optimize the scheduling of appointments and procedures with specialists at the free clinic and local hospitals. In addition, I am tasked with helping Spanish-speaking patients understand their procedures and the providers’ instructions. As a result, it is essential to be medically fluent in both English and Spanish. In one particular patient encounter when it came time to translate what the doctor said, I thought of different ways to say the one thing that I know no patient wants to hear - - you have cancer. Seeing the patient’s reaction such as her fear and doubt has allowed me to never forget that moment. As I continued translating for
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