A Research Study On Hernia Operations Essay

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Hernia operations are among the oldest operations in surgery up to the extent that we can say; the history of hernia is the history of surgery. (20) For long times, Bassini’s repair and its modifications stood for the test of time till Lichtenstein tension free repair appeared and it took most of the ground from Bassini’s repair leaving some areas for the Shouldice repair. Shouldice repair, which started more than 30 years ago, is considered the best tissue-based repair but it needs long learning curve, sophisticated, with recurrence rates less than 1% at Shouldice hospital and up to 15% in general surgical practice. (4, 5, 21-23). This unacceptably high recurrence rates in non-specialist centers supports the view that the Shouldice technique does not fulfil the requirements of a universal surgical technique for inguinal hernia repair. The idea of using prosthetic materials is largely adopted by many surgeons with many accesses which may be open, minimally invasive non-laparoscopic (Kugel repair), (24) or laparoscopic. (25) Many advances in the prosthetic materials have emerged; weather a biosynthetic mesh will gain more ground for treatment of hernia is a question for the future. The idea of using a prosthetic material to induce fibrosis and avoiding use the weakened tissue of the locality, is interesting but it has its drawbacks such as: cost, infection, and making a static entity rather a dynamic one, in addition data are rising about the possible impairment of

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