A Research Study On Identical Twins

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When it comes to identical twins there has been many studies and research. Identical twins have almost exact copies of each other’s genes, but they still turn out to be different from each other. Because of their genes they have a lot in common and studies have shown things like twins separated at birth will pose the same in front of the camera and if one is religious the other one will often also be religious (Cobb). The twins Jim Springer and Jim Lewis reunited after 39 years after their separation at birth, they found out that both had constant headaches, bit their fingernails, smoked the same cigarettes, drove the same car, lived in Ohio, named their dog the same name, had been married twice with women named the same names and even…show more content…
Their development does not lay in their genes, in how other people react to one’s genes. Adopted children are great examples to see what affects the social development most. The children have the same genes as their biological parents, but they will be brought up by “environmental” parents. Once again, studies show that both nature and nurture affects children. Things like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, suicide and eating disorder could be tracked back to the biological parents, which makes sense since diseases and disorders are not something someone can infect someone with. Things like attitude were a factor that was more affected by the child’s childhood and friends, which makes sense since people adapt to their surroundings. An obvious argument why nurture affects one’s social development more than nature is about how gender roles are created. When a couple conceives a baby it will either have the sex girl or boy and depending on the baby’s sex, people will tend to treat it differently. If the baby is a boy, people will start thinking of man roles in society, consciously or unconsciously they will. So when they see the baby boy, they will act, talk, sound in a certain way they would not have done if the child was a girl. From that moment and on, the baby boy is observing everyone and learning how to act. The boy’s siblings, cousins, parents, family who are used to
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