A Research Study On Leaf Disease Detection By Using Image Processing Technique

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Abstract - In research of area of agriculture, automatic plant disease recognition is important research topic. It may prove aids in monitoring huge arenas of crops, and thus unsurprisingly detect symptoms of disease as soon as they appear on plant leaves, stem. The term disease is usually used only for ruin of live plants. This research provides different methods used to study of leaf disease detection by using image processing technique.
Index Terms— Mobile cellular networks, Internet, image processing, traits, water resources, wireless sensor networks.
In 19th century, in the irrigation system, the sprinkler are used to irrigate the field, but there are certain limitations of this system like the field is not properly irrigated. Because the water which will be sprinkled is not properly captivated by field. In this method the proportion of water, essential pesticides & fertilizer is much more than they required. So it is not actually worthy method by considering the low water resources. There are lots of confines in our traditional system viz,
1. Water is not appropriately scattered on field. In some case it deliver in large amount and in some cases in low amount.
2. Fertilizers given to plants are not in proportion and well proficient.
The area of agriculture uses 83% of existing freshwater resources globally, and this percentage will continue to be dominant in water consumption because of population growth and increased food demand. There is
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