A Research Study On Lesbian Families And Lesbian Survivors Of Intimate Partner Violence Essay

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Research Question
The following is my preliminary research question. In Ottawa Ontario, what are the resources or services that are available to and for lesbian survivors of intimate partner violence, and how do women that have contacted these resources feel about the adequacy of the services they were offered?
Research Statement
Reflecting on the path my answer might take, it is possible that the resources and services available in Ottawa reflect a heteronormative belief about society. Put another way; the services could reproduce the erasure of lesbian experiences of partner violence. In this sense, the experience of heterosexual women and lesbian women could be conflated, and all women offered the same services. That being said, lesbian women may not have their needs met in a way that is concrete or meaningful. Consequently, it is necessary for service and resources that respond to intimate partner violence to offer services outside of a heterosexual lens to better meet the needs of lesbian survivors.
I believe that my argument matters because lesbian survivors of intimate partner violence deserve the recognition that their experiences matter. Moreover, the erasure of the lesbian experience in available services could be viewed as an extension of violence itself. Therefore, my argument matters because lesbian survivors of partner violence matter. A challenge that could be put forth is that female survivors of violence have similar experiences based on the fact that they
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