A Research Study On Lgbt Parenting

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Breanni Anderson
Social Psychology
November 13, 2014
Research Paper

LGBT parenting (YAY OR NAY!)

This research paper I provide facts, studies about lesbian parenting, and homosexual parenting being just as accurate as heterosexual parenting. I also explain how lesbian marriage acceptance is the first step to a great parenting for a child. A key factor that can help financially, mentally, and socially. Within our own community acceptance most people are prejudice to those who don’t follow the norm. In this essay I provide facts of pure rejection and overcoming, stories told by those who lived with LGBT parents, and studies proving that there is no true difference in the parenting and in some cases the LGBT parent can be better.
A famous psychologist known as Sigmund Freud believed that every human being is born bisexual. Through their actual life experience they choose what life style they would like to live. He stated that the Electra complex with a girl makes her want to be like her father. It makes her resent her mother because she doesn’t have the same genitalia as her dad. So for a while she craves the penis which she wasn’t born with and soon transfers that craving into wanting children. Proving that you’re born with multiple aspects going on and it’s your choice as to what you want to choose. That doesn’t make you less of a human because everyone goes through it just like you.
In 1970 a gay couple (Jack Baker and Mike McConnell) a couple in Hennepin County,…

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