A Research Study On Lgbt Parenting

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Breanni Anderson
Social Psychology
November 13, 2014
Research Paper

LGBT parenting (YAY OR NAY!)

This research paper I provide facts, studies about lesbian parenting, and homosexual parenting being just as accurate as heterosexual parenting. I also explain how lesbian marriage acceptance is the first step to a great parenting for a child. A key factor that can help financially, mentally, and socially. Within our own community acceptance most people are prejudice to those who don’t follow the norm. In this essay I provide facts of pure rejection and overcoming, stories told by those who lived with LGBT parents, and studies proving that there is no true difference in the parenting and in some cases the LGBT parent can be better.
A famous
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For a period of time a lot of other homosexual couples applied for the marriage license but all came to the same defeat. Even though marriage was prohibited for almost 30 more years after these incidents Vermont’s high court provided the benefits to homosexual couples through the Vermont’s civil program in 2000. Still not recognize as a legal opportunity provided by the state the “ marital segregation” stopped when Massachusetts offered same sex marriage licenses. Most of the community didn’t like the fact of homosexuality being supported in their homeland. After Massachusetts kindness and support homosexuals took a hard hit in 2004 when thirteen states banned them from getting married. “ The issue pits left against right and, perhaps more significant, odd against young: Americans over age forty-four oppose same sex marriage by a decisive majority, but a plurality of Americans under age thirty support it.” A problem this big on marriage has not come to pass since the states were at odds over interracial marriage. Not only is it a civil rights issue but there is a wonder if same sex couple’s can raise a child. In the census of 2000, 599,000 same sex couples live together and within that the estimate of children 166,000. One of the problems is that the child to mostly one of theirs or only one of them gave birth to it. One of the pros above same sex marriage would reflect on others to support marriage
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