A Research Study On Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease 1. My name is Thomas Porter and I am a rising senior at Hilliard Davidson High School. In the near future, I hope to attend Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins University, or University of Pennsylvania and study neuroscience or biomedical engineering. Currently, I am trying to build my background in biomedical sciences and meet people with similar interests as me through the Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease class. I hope to someday become a physician-scientist researching neuroplasticity. I chose to study Lyme disease because it is a disease that is on the rise in the United States, despite being somewhat easily preventable. In addition, the disease is very expensive, costing the United States an estimated 1.3 billion dollars a year (CDC.gov). With increased public awareness and careful self-examinations, the number of cases can be reduced, allowing money to be allocated to more critical needs. 2. A day had passed since John’s hiking trip, and he was excitedly telling his coworker about it, when he started to feel a bit sick. He figured it was just a bit of fatigue, so he continued going to work. However, by the next week, John had developed an enormous target-like rash, and felt far too sick to go to work. In fact, he felt as though he would die from sickness. Although this sounds dramatic, there are approximately 300,000 cases similar to John’s each year in the United States alone (CDC.gov). What caused John so much pain after all the fun he had? Lyme

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