A Research Study On Management Of Risk Management

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1. Introduction:
Project risk management these days is recognized as one of the important process of project management. Latest studies of project management has suggested that more focus should be on study of projects which are intra-alliance or inter-alliance networks. In the field of research about the risk management of project less attention is paid to the risk management in networked projects. The networked projects itself is a big concept, there are large number of people involved in a single network project to run it smoothly, different project participant from various alliance are grouped together to work as a team for a networked project, due to large numbers of people are involved conflicting objectives can be there which can interrupt the coordination and be a negative impact on the project. That is why a broader research and study on management of risk in networked projects is needed. Different individuals working on a same projects can have communication problem, coordination problems so it important to look after these as well as the risk management activities should be blended at network project level. In the literature review part project management, type of risks, risk management in networked and information systems is reviewed. Next section presents the prevention and tools for managing the risks and advantages and disadvantages of risk management. Finally discussion, reflection and conclusion is discussed.
2. Literature Review

2.1. Project Management:…

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