A Research Study On Management Studies Essay

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After a great deal of self evaluation, I have resolved to pursue management studies. Management studies have never been my goal until I graduated, saying otherwise would be just an equivocation of the fact that slowly and steadily I started considering management studies to accomplish my long term goals and enhance my management skills. After experimenting with my career and meeting with many business enthusiasts, It was certain by the time that I want to pursue with MBA, to excel. Along with that my ultimate professional goal of discovering myself as a key decision maker, emboldened my decision.

I am well aware of the fact that during the MBA course, one requires determination and arduous character. Recent years have seen that business is not a restricted field. The diversity in the classroom accentuates quality of the education and widen the creative thinker. Though I have never been outside India, but I have never been in the same city in India for a long time. As it is well evident that India is a dense forest of several cultures, fortunately I have experienced many of them, which has played a great role in my life by enhancing my adaptability and developing the network. Getting a chance to enrich my cross cultural experiences apart from within India would be my predilection. I am also fortunate to take in a diverse background professionally, which has exposed me to different cultures, people, places and Indian regional languages.

Though, I have worked in different
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