A Research Study On Mental Illness

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In just a small, pink, squishy orb, many thoughts and memories are stored. The inside of a brain has always been a touchy subject, mostly because most just don’t understand how it works. Brains are trying to figure out how it can think, talk, remember, and even change. Everyone’s brain is different, inside and out. Most minds are small and round, but sometimes the brain looks different. In recent studies, scientists have learned the brain can have abnormalities, which usually leads to a mental illness. Another risky subject in the world is mental illness. Some people say that it is made up. Which it is not, because now science can prove how it is. It is not hard to see the difference between a “normal” brain, and an ill one. Someone who studies the nature of the mind is known as a psychologist. A psychologist can be in many different job scenarios, but the most recent expansion is the forensic psychologists. (Cherry) Their job is to determine if someone did the crime he or she did, and if they knew they did or not. For years on end, killers have gotten away scot-free, until the invention of forensic psychology. Before forensic psychology came about, the solving of crimes was almost impossible. Forensic psychology coined its name in 1970. Psychology did not necessarily help out as much in the criminal field, before 1970. A fundamental conviction consisted of only the relevant answers. The answer to the questions of who, how, when, where, and most importantly why. Pacchelli 2
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