A Research Study On Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone use has increased enormously, especially among adolescents, during the last decade (Tosa, Monden, & Kubo 2006). Due to the massive growth and acceptance of mobile phone use in the last 20 years, it seems that the primary motivations for text messaging are found to be mobility and immediate accessibility. One study uses a qualitative survey of 18-24 year olds (n=704) in order to better understand the motivation for their use, as well as examining ways in which cell phones are related to peer socialization. The questionnaire included obtaining such information as “age of acquisition and duration of cell phone ownership,” “perceived dependency on cell phone technology,” “frequency of use,” and “motives for texting.” Results showed that the vast majority owned cell phones (99%) and that females showed a stronger dependency than males did. Of the 18 identified motives of texting, five factors made up the majority. These included items related to appearance, items that reflect intimacy or relationship depth, and relationship breadth. Though females showed more dependence on their mobile phones, it should be noted that both the number of friends young adults talk to or text each day, and the number of voice-to-voice minutes used each month were very similar between males and females (Tosa, Monden, & Kubo 2006). Sudhen Sumesh Kumar (2014) discusses about the increasing usage of mobile phones and claims that despite its unambiguous advantages, the use of cellular
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