A Research Study On Moravian College

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The Lehigh Valley is home to Allentown,Bethlehem, and Easton, as well as educational institutions such as Moravian College; in short, the Lehigh Valley, specifically Bethlehem is known for its diversity. In this research paper I will focus on Moravian College, its population and their interaction with each other when they are walking around the campus. In this research, I anticipate that while observing men and women of similar ages, men will tend to be more distracted and focused on just one topic, while women will be walking closer to each other and talking about multiple subjects. Both men and female will follow certain social norms that they were born into without realizing it. For this observation, I hypothesize that men will most likely tend to walk in a single group while using their cell phone or some sort of electronic, while women will try to interact in a mixed group and be fully engaged in the conversation. Also, while observing, I believe that in a mixed group of men and women, men will try to have some sort of control of the group and the subject of the conversation. This control will be due to the idea that society has made men believe that they are stronger and more powerful than women.
To begin with, the first observation of my sidewalk behavior research was conducted between Bernhardt Hall and Wilhelm Hall also known as the dorm circle. This observation took place on Friday, September 25,2015. The observation was conducted during the busiest time on…
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