A Research Study On Motor Disability

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There are a lot of different diseases or deformities that a newly born child could have. Most of them are common and some are considered rare. However, one of the most common and hard to deal with are the Motor disabilities. Motor disability means to have a disability in your muscles, bones or ligament which will lead to prevention of movement of limitations on it. Sometimes, motor disability can be the cause because of an inherited disease of a deformity in the spinal cord or brain neurons [1]. Having effective mobility is something that everyone needs. In history, this issue has not been considered as one that needs direct dealing with or solving. This is due to the weak knowledge they had on medicine and psychology which made this…show more content…
This program will consist of many phases with different goals and evaluations for each phase. The results we aim to reach is to see a positive effect on these people’s life, in the long run. We aim to change their social habits and behaviors, trying to keep them mentally stable and healthy. In addition, we aim to help them react normally when triggered by an another human’s action which is out of pity, fear, disgust or even racism. This is why, this research paper has dedicated its work to study a sample of females with motor disabilities, in order to examine their social behaviors which are a result of their current situation. Furthermore, in order to try to create a solution to the problem which falls under the field of psychology (treatment of the mind rather than the body), a hypothesis was introduced to create a counseling program of cognitive behavior. This program will provide all the needed emotional, mental, physical and psychological aspects that might affect the mental and social state of the patients. We focus on studying whether this program of counseling will affect their social behavior in a positive way or not. [2] 1. Literature Review In this section, we discuss all the previous work that has been done in this same field together with different hypothesis introduced. A full discussion of
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