A Research Study On My Patient

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My patient, Mr A, mentioned in Task 2, is a 20-yr-old male who had a lateral collateral ligament sprain and a mild patellofemoral pain syndrome at his right knee from a collision with his teammate during a soccer practice session 1/52 ago. The patient was an enthusiastic part-time soccer player who longed to become a full-time player. I was asked by my clinical educator to give him an initial assessment and some treatments. During the assessment, I could see that Mr. A was pushing himself when I told him to jog for gait pattern observation. He told me that this injury had prevented him from running fast. I addressed his concern and told him that recovery takes time, but he wasn’t very satisfied with my answer. Learning from previous experience which I mentioned in my time management post, I managed the session a bit differently. Instead of spending time doing a massage and taping, which was a short-term pain-relief measure and had little evidence base, I rescheduled more time on education of therapeutic exercises, which can give long-term beneficence by straightening muscles to restore the balance of forces acting on the knee cap (Brukner, 2012). Mr. A was worried and anxious during the whole session as he feared that this injury would pose any negative influences on his career as a soccer player. While all his teammates were having training, he could just be sitting and watch them playing in the sports field. He mentioned that his teammates wanted him to be back
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