A Research Study On Network Administration Essay

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ACTIVE DIRECTORY JULIUS MC NEIL In this independent study, I will be gathering unique data; I will exercise my analytic skills to produce a paper on the subject of Network Administration. Practice in research methods and quantitative analysis will be of great benefit and relevance to my future work. The independent study will allow me to explore my interest in the areas of nutritional anthropology not covered in existing courses. The purpose of the study: The study is focused on my goal for the future, to become a network administrator. Network administration is a profession where an administrator is in charge of the maintenance of the computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network. The major role of the network administrator varies from company to company, I look forward to this career because of my passion for networking and computers and also due to the fact that computers are used internationally and also this would lead to a promising career in a field that is growing bigger every day. Objectives: Upon completion of the independent study, I will have acquired knowledge of network administration and cover a wide range of technologies used in a network or telecommunications network. Gain confidence in methods of field research gather and analyzed personally collected data, and finally, produce a professional paper in the field of network administration. Also, I would have established a more professional work and research habit.
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