A Research Study On New Key Markets

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Studying more deeply the geographic population, finding new key markets ready to be pierced by a new identifiable group with specific needs, is something I want to do. Being an entrepreneur that is studying carefully the rising market of elderly people seeking to upgrade their standard vehicle to a mobility vehicle and selling it to them is something I am looking forward to. This segment of the population is rising, now that the baby boomers are in their retirement years.
The article is old (10 years old), but the information is still relevant and the currency does not matter in the sense where we shouldn’t pay attention to this potential market because the elderly population is still raising “…and by 2020 that number is expected to double, surpassing 40 million.” (said Guyette p.24). This article could be considerate even as recent since the baby boomers ended in the mid 60s and the market is still rising.
It is also relevant to a potential career as a Marketing researcher and in entrepreneurship, as it explains the low implication of dealerships to sell mobility vehicles and insurance company repairing the potential damages made inadequately. Also, collision shops seem unprepared to repair these issues. These issues are caused by unprepared people towards this market, which is relevant to the challenges I will face.
The journal ABRN seems unknown in social media/internet, but it’s a local automotive journal published in America and trusted by the locals. Even if it
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