A Research Study On Nursing

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Nurse administrators frequently have several years of practice before going into management, these nurses usually have functioned as staff and comprehend what it takes and what it feels to be a bedside nurse, and the accountability it takes to take care of patients. Nurse Administrators hold leadership position at an organizational level and oversee the entire nursing staff at their place of work. They are active participants in updating policies and procedures; and update them when needed. Nurse administers are familiar with organizational developments and employee relations. They are well versed in legal and ethical issues and address problems concerning these issues at their health institution when they arise (Hamric, 2014). South…show more content…
Credentialing is decided at every state in the United States of America. All the requisites need to be completed by the applicant and the future nurse practitioner need to sit down Once the requirements have been accomplished by the student then, he/she needs to take the national certification test, and if passed, then the nursing board will grant practice privileges. The necessity for all the institutions to be compliant with their obligation to protect the health, and safety of the patients is recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The process of credentialing and delineation of clinical privileges for medical staff such as Acute Care Nurse Practitioners is mandated by these agencies to ensure that professionals within the institution are competent and practicing within their scope of practice. Under the new model the terms acute and primary will represent patient needs and not setting areas. Family Nurse Practitioner credentialing involves licensure, accreditation, certification and accreditation. I think is really important that a doctoral degree is mandatory to practice as an advance practice nurse.
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