A Research Study On Nursing Practice

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Nursing practice is always evolving as new studies and new findings are discovered. As practicing nurses, it becomes our job to stay up to date with these findings and effectively implement them into our daily practice in efforts to enhance the quality of care our patients receive and to provide them with the best possible outcomes. Many nursing practices are implemented into daily care only after research studies have been conducted. The evidence provided from these studies helps the population make informed choices and allows nurses to recommend practices that are most beneficial to the patient.
One such debate is still very common and includes new mothers and their decision to breastfeed or formula feed their infant. Many opinions have been thrown around when it comes to this debate, especially in regards to low birth weight babies who are admitted to the NICU after birth. When it comes to making life-altering decisions like steady weight gain in neonates, it is important that nurses are able to properly inform the mothers of the most effective method of nourishing their infant. Breastfeeding helps the neonate bond with the mother and more readily absorb calcium and iron, as well as leukocytes which can only be found in breastmilk; whereas formula feeding provides adequate nutrition but is lacking in those nutrients.
Research Question: Is the use of breast-feeding as opposed to formula feeding more effective for weight gain in Low Birth Weight NICU Patients?
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