A Research Study On Observational Research

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1. Observational research is the process of ANSWER- (a) Using the sense to collect data Observational research is a process of using all of the senses, particularly sight and hearing to collect data about a phenomenon of interest. It focuses on the behavior of people through their verbal comment or nonverbal expression, body movements and physical contact between two or more people. Although observational research is a preferred approach it is not always flexible and some behavior of interest is beyond the reach of the researcher, (pg. 173). 2. The goal of structured observation is usually ANSWER- (c )To find support for something or cast doubt on it Structured studies identify and develop measures of the specific behaviors of interest to the researcher prior to conducting a study and the approach uses quantitative methods usually in the form of an observational rating scale that records particular behaviors that are observed, (pg. 174). 3. What is a feature of most structured observational studies ANSWER -(c ) The researcher is strictly an observer In structure observation the evaluator or researcher is strictly an observer; there is no participatory or involvement in the observed activities to maintain objectivity, (pg. 177). The studies requires the researchers to have a concentrated view on their specific types of behavior and raters in observational studies need training to help them identify the behavior that are of focus of study because it might be
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