A Research Study On Organizational Politics

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Organizational Politics have been a long standing issue in organizational settings since corporate businesses were established. Empirical data has only been available in the last twenty years, as researchers considered it subjective in nature. Primary to understanding the need for such study is realizing the adverse effects pointing to countless victims along with brutal violations of self-serving agendas. (Brian K. Miller, 2008)
Studies note that there are “positive political tactics, such as persuasion, reference to super-ordinate goals, development of coalitions, and networking.” (Brian K. Miller, 2008) Some may want to believe that, however the unrecoverable loss associated with job satisfaction, organizational reputation, and employee commitment when organizations allow unsanctioned business practices into their culture is undeniable. The question seemingly never considered is; why would an organization choose such a culture, how do leaders change it; and foremost, shouldn’t leaders do so with an interdisciplinary approach?
Empirical Studies There have thousands upon thousands of empirical studies performed at a scholarly level over the course of two decades. Experienced researchers of multiple disciplines from Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Sociology, and Ethics have categorically focused their theories upon five of the most prevailing factors common to overall job fulfillment; job satisfaction,…
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