A Research Study On Patient Safety And Technology Drive Medications

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Qualitative Study Qualitative studies aim to gain an understanding of a specific event or organization and “aims to provide an explicit rendering of the structure, order, and broad patterns found among a group of participants” (csulb). This type of research uses observations to collect data and form conclusions.
The study I chose for my Qualitative Study research paper is called “Patient safety and technology-drive medications – A qualitative study on how graduate nursing students navigate through complex medication administration”. This study explores recent nursing student’s knowledge, experiences, understanding, and competencies with using technology-based medication administration processes. I discovered this studying using the search terms “qualitative research” and “nursing” in the CINAHL complete database.
The clinical question and the importance of reviewing this clinical topic The clinical question that this study explored was recent graduate student nurses’ experience and abilities with medication administration technology-driven processes. Medication administrations errors are the most prevalent type of nursing error and account for 1.5 million patient injuries every year in the United States (). The use of technology-driven medication process have decreased the amount of medication errors annually. However, they are complex systems and involve advanced technologies, patient participation, and an increase of safety measures. The purpose of this study was to
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